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Laces for dress shoes: how to wear them well?

Dress shoelaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, they are still unknown and very little used by men in France. Nevertheless, it is an accessory widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries which gives an important breath of fashion. In order to explain their usefulness and their fashion effects, we advise you to read our article to learn how to wear them well as well as the advantages you can derive from them. This little accessory has become the trend for men's dressing. It is the height of cufflinks on suit jackets.

Laces for dress shoes

They allow you to give a different design to the shoe you are wearing. It is a widely used and much appreciated accessory. The length must be adapted to the size of the shoe. But also to the style and design of the shoe.

We advise you to choose them and adapt them to the color of your shoes and the material of these. They can be in several colors. If they are in several colors, we advise you not to match them with the color of your shoe, but rather with the color of your tie or your outfit. Indeed, this is rarely done and may seem fanciful.

Why wear laces with your shoes?

These are fashion accessories that give style to your outfit. In addition, they have an aesthetic role that enhances your appearance.

In addition, there are a multitude of colors, shapes and fabrics to accompany the different models of shoes. They are chosen according to the style and the material. But, don't forget that they should also match your personality.

Laces for dress shoes: how to wear them

Thus, they bring lightness to the shoe. Most shoes in stores have laces, so you have to know how to wear them! You have several ways to tie them and make them aesthetic with style.

  • The first is to tie a double knot in the form of a loop, also called a bow tie.
  • You can do a classic lacing, it rests on a Z structure.
  • In addition, there is also the tie knot. It is a simple knot that is made on a slide.
  • To finish the knotless lacing. To do this, simply make loops as you thread the lace.

Shoes are one of the most worn accessories by men, so it is important to know how to wear them! In addition, you can tie the knot you prefer. Everything will depend on your style or your personality.

The lace for dress shoes: a detail that counts

If you wear dress shoes, its specific lace is always nicer than its traditional lace. In addition, they are easy to use compared to other shoes. To refine your outfit, you have different lace materials. Each one will bring you chic, classic or whimsical effects according to your desires and your tastes.

The classic lace is the most used by men. This allows you to dress up your shoes. They can be wool, silk, leather or cotton. They allow you to raise the level of your outfit and attach easily.

Thanks to these, you can change your appearance and make it more chic. You can also pair them with sneakers, loafers, boots, jeans and most types of footwear.

What type of laces for your shoes should you choose?

The lace helps keep the foot in the shoe. In addition, they are often leather, sometimes fabric. Thus, they are chosen according to the model of shoes and the material. Many brands offer leather materials which have the advantage of being more resistant and more aesthetic than those made of cotton. Thus, you will therefore find leather materials in different colors such as black, white, brown and navy blue for a classic style.

The fabric lace is a more modern and practical lace. They also exist in velvet, leather or neoprene and have the advantage of being very resistant and washable, so you can use them for a long time.

Buy a lace that will meet your needs and expectations. The ideal is to choose a material that is suitable and resistant to wear. For this, opt for the leather models, then for the fabric models. You can also opt for a more practical solution, a model of lace in velvet or neoprene will allow you to pass the lace more easily.

You will find many models in supermarkets. But, the most relevant would be to go to a shoe store, the sellers will be able to advise you more effectively.

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