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Shoelaces for Nike Air Force 1

Air Force 1

Replace the laces of your Air force one and Enhance your sneakers!

Having graced the courts of the NBA for years, the Nike brand continues to seduce many fans of the sport today. These shoes are very popular, not only for their robustness, but also thanks to their elegance. Indeed, the brand has bet on pairs of sneakers that you can customize in several ways. One of them is the game of laces.

What are the different types of laces for Air force one?

Want your pair of Nike sneakers to look amazing? Choose carefully the laces you will use to tie them. You can orient your choice towards flat laces. This type of laces is the most popular among Air Force One basketball fans. Moreover, it turns out that these flat laces remain essential in terms of laces for basketball. They are different from one pair of shoes to another. This difference is in the length. You will also be able to see the difference in the tips. Some flat laces have a plastic tip. Other pairs of sneakers feature laces with metal tips.

Wearing a pair of Air force one sneakers with simple flat laces can also give us incredible well-being. It is for this reason that many pairs of Air Force one shoes feature this type of laces. With simple flat laces, you can stay discreet without skimping on the design of your shoes. Very simple, these flat laces allow you to wear your pairs of sneakers comfortably.

The last type of laces for Air force one is the round lace. There, your choice can be declined either on round waxed laces or others which are thin. For the former, they are particular insofar as they are brilliant. Thanks to a thin layer of resin covering them, these laces can give your pairs of Air Force one shoes a new look. Regarding the thin air force one lace, it is rather recommended for city outfits.

What's the point of changing laces?

When we can lace up shoes, we have to be sure that they are properly tied. Indeed, our comfort depends on the lacing that we will adopt for our sneakers. Thanks to beautiful laces, well tied, you could travel for miles in the greatest ease. But, there will come a time when your laces are worn out. You must change them if you want to regain your comfort and well-being. When that time comes, know how to make the right choice. You must take into account certain criteria.

If you need to change your laces, make your choice according to the model of your shoe. In general, Air force one sneakers require flat laces. However, some models are prettier and more comfortable with round laces.

The second criterion to take into account when changing these air force one laces is the length. This action is closely related to your shoe size. For optimal comfort, opt for pairs of air force one sneakers with a lace length of 120 cm if you are a woman. As for men, they must resort to laces measuring approximately 150 cm.

But for which colors?

Are you wondering the point of wearing shoelaces in different colors? With colored laces for air force one, you will have the possibility of sublimating your pair of sneakers. It also happens to be one of the ways to personalize them.

Timeless colors, white and black remain the most popular in terms of air force one laces. Indeed, these two colors are among the classics and can give your shoes a safe bet. Anyone who likes sobriety and discretion, black and white shoelaces are for you. Also, you should know that the white color will go with any pair of sneakers. Do you have pairs of sneakers in red or another color? Opt for white or black air force one laces.

However, to be in tune with fashion, you must personalize your pairs of sneakers. In these cases, choose laces of different colors. Indeed, on the market, you can find laces in various colors. For more fun, opt for fluorescent green or ultraviolet colors. The fluo orange color could also be your ally to personalize your shoes.

What are some tips for replacing shoelaces?

Certainly, you have a nice pair of air force one shoes equipped with the most beautiful laces. However, it is not enough to display a fabulous look. You must use different techniques to highlight your pairs of shoes. It's all about how you put your laces on. Just by changing the lacing from time to time, you can personalize your sneakers. Thanks to simple gestures, you can radically change your look. All you have to do is take the two ends of your shoelaces and put them through the first holes. There you need to make both sides the same length. The second action is to pass the lace on the right side through the hole on the left. It is a mechanism that must start from the bottom. You must repeat the action for the other side. Do not forget that the laces should never remain in the shoes. This is why it is imperative to bring them out through the eyelets.

Another way to tie your air force one shoelaces is to take them and insert them into the first holes. You should always keep them in the same length. Then take the right lace. Insert it into the 3rd hole. Be very careful. You should always be on the left side. The lace in the third hole must come out in the 4th hole always from the left side. Now take care of the left lace. Take it. You have to put it in the 2nd hole, on the right. But, it had to be passed over it first, and this from the front. Thus, it will be able to come out at the level of the 4th hole, always on the same side. The last step of the action is to make zigzags, a classic shoe lacing. To do this, take the left lace, then pass it through the 5th hole on the right side, and this from below. The gestures must be repeated until the laces are well tied.

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