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Shoelaces: the perfect accessory to enhance your shoes

Used since ancient times to keep feet grounded to soles, sandals and other types of shoes. Laces have largely evolved and have become modern. If these strings are used today to maintain many objects including bags and corsets, their main function is to hold shoes together. From their rudimentary aspects, these cords have become more sophisticated and exist in different forms. They have gone from strings of bark, and strips of cloth or leather to finely woven manufactured objects that they are today. Whether for your dress shoes, sports shoes or trainers, we offer you everything you need to make you happy.

The different types of shoelaces available

Depending on the type of the shoe used, there are 3 main types of laces that we find regularly!

There are also thin round shoelaces that do not have a resin coating. Although they are also used on dress shoes, they are intended for boots with laces.

Flat laces

They are recommended for trainers and sports footwear (Nike, Reebok,…)
and are available in different widths and different colours (red, white, black,). They are essential for those who are in love with a casual or sporty style.

How to choose your shoelaces

The first criteria for choosing your shoelaces (elastic, ribbon, flat,...) is the
type of shoe for which it is intended. While the smooth round models are
recommended for dress shoes (Timberland, Converse, Stan Smith,…), flat
laces are recommended for use in sports footwear. For those who are
looking for an accessory to use on different types of shoes, the cord style
shoelaces are recommended.

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