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Shoelaces for Converse Black


Replacing the laces of your Converse: the idea of the moment!

Converse have always been a staple in your wardrobe. These pairs can be worn with absolutely all types of outfits. Indeed, they accompany you during your evenings with colleagues, in your outings in town and especially in everyday life. In addition, if you are lucky enough to be employed by a boss who is both open-minded and modern.

However, these pairs of sneakers, although very popular and versatile, are often a fashion accessory that lacks originality. So, to stand out when you wear your shoes, embellishing them with a colored lace is the best idea. It also allows you to take care of your own look. By being intelligently matched to your style and your outfit, your new laces will make all the difference.

Our advice before replacing the laces of your Converse shoes

If you want to give a facelift to your pairs of sneakers, do not hesitate to opt for the replacement of your laces. However, choosing them well is not easy. Here are our tips.

The color or colors that will be chosen depends on the color of where you are going to wear your pairs of sneakers. Indeed, if they are worn on a more formal occasion, it is advisable to opt for laces in solid colors. In order to make the right choice and not appear informal, it is also advisable to choose laces that complement the color of your pairs of shoes. We can note the case of dark brown sneakers which will easily be associated with light brown laces.
You can also opt for a contrast between your laces and your pairs. For example, for a pair of brown Converse, you can opt for navy blue laces and also burgundy.

Unlike the pairs worn on formal occasions, being worn during your sports sessions, your pairs of shoes can be provided with multicolored laces. It also allows you to express your creativity.

Did you know? The color is a plus on your pair of shoes. So, be sure to choose it properly. It is also worth mentioning that not all laces will match the color and shape of your shoes. If you wear pairs of beige or cream colors, we advise you to opt for brightly colored laces, in particular khaki green, bright red or also petrol blue. Indeed, these colors allow you to highlight your pairs of shoes.

Conversely, if you wear brown, gray or even black pairs, do not hesitate to opt for a lacing in lighter colors such as pale pink, yellow and even beige. However, for more originality, you can leave your own imagination free. Staying fashionable and following trends does not always mean "adopting neutral and sober colors". On the contrary, do not hesitate to dare the colors of your choice and do not be afraid to please yourself. Opt for the colors that will enhance you, and above all, those that suit you best.

Although it is only a simple detail, choosing the right shoe lace for your pairs is very important. Indeed, it is the detail that will make you unique.

Choose the size of your shoelace properly

As the saying goes, "the strength of a chain is measured at its weakest link". Concretely, this adage means that even if you have the most expensive and the most beautiful pairs of shoes, if they have an unsuitable or too long lace, they will only constitute a defect in your outfit.

Therefore, before buying a new pair of shoelaces, you can simply measure your current shoelace.
Similarly, the width of a shoelace matters. It used to be that wide and flat laces were all the rage. Today they are no longer at the top of the trends. If you want to stay on trend when choosing your lace, opt for models that do not exceed 1 cm in width.

Choosing the right lace compositions

Without a doubt, this may be the first time you have wondered about the composition of the laces of your sneakers. Interestingly, a shoelace can be made of several different materials, including Kevlar, plastic, nylon, and also cotton.
The main objective is then to adapt your pairs of laces to the season. When summer arrives, opt for a cotton or nylon shoelace.

Lace your Converse properly

Currently, these shoes are among the most popular pairs in the world. These shoes alone occupied 80% of the market share of sneakers, from their launch in 1915. In 1923, when the basketball player Chuck Taylor was able to join the adventure, the brand was able to strengthen and affirm its position. dominant by conquering the world of sport.

If you are looking for a pair of laces for your shoes, always go for a flat one.
In terms of the type of lacing, it is advisable to opt for either a straight lacing or a cross lacing.

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