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Who are we ?

Passionate people forged by unique experiences

Two entrepreneurs who met at a wedding in 2010, Julien and Vincent. They were both best men and both wearing pink laces to differentiate themselves. Their meeting was inevitable, their conversation about laces too. Whether Vincent, in dress shoes, or Julien, a streetwear lover, both have already experienced cracked laces. They decided to join forces in order to create quality laces, rich in colour, unisex and for all occasions, and save cracked laces everywhere.

Adventurers in the digital age

Share your experience with the world, it goes through the web. Why not a site called Laceter? Of course (fast forward after two years of working around the clock on creating the brand, range, colours, packaging). The idea of Laceter is to create a community around our common passion: the shoelace. And for that, we need you, your opinions, suggestions; we want to have a relationship with you. You bring good taste. We bring the trends. Everyone loves laces. So, tie your laces! Are you ready? Click!

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