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Shoelaces for Dr Martens 1460
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Dr Martens, which laces do we wear?

Dr. Martens, or "Doc Martens" boots began in 1960 as work boots for the working class. Today, docs come in many styles and colors to appeal to a wide range of consumers. One of the ways to adapt a pair of Dr. Martens boots to your own style is to use laces. The shoelace is an essential shoe accessory to keep the foot in place. However, doc martens laces are a fashion accessory for his followers.

Types of doc martens shoelaces

doc martens shoelaces come in different shapes and are made of different materials. There are many laces: round and thick laces and flat laces.
The round and thick laces are particularly strong and durable. Their average diameter allows them to adapt to any pair of shoes. These types of shoelaces are usually made from cotton. These shoelaces have either plastic or metal ends. The ends help compress the lace fabric and prevent it from fraying. There are laces up to 180 cm, easy for lacing. For shoes with 10 eyelets, we recommend 90 cm pairs. For 12 eyelets, count 120 cm. Finally, if the high shoes have at least 20 eyelets, we recommend 180 cm laces.
Flat laces are flared and have a flat surface. They are sold in the standard version (8 mm) so that the accessory can easily pass through the eyelets of all shoes. This is why the tips are made of metal or plastic. The flat laces are made of cotton. They offer excellent resistance to rain and washing. A distinction is made between flat eyelet laces and flat ribbon laces.

Why change the laces?

In recent years, doc martens laces have become a must-have item in the fashion world. Almost all shoes, in fact, close with a lacing system. Of course, over time, the laces can tarnish. Hence the need to replace them. Changing the lace is an easy way to give your shoes a second life. The advantage of this approach remains the economic side of the operation. Indeed, instead of buying a new boot, you just have to change the color and shape of your laces. But beyond the granted change of style, thanks to the garish colors, you will have an original appearance.

The different colors of doc martens shoelaces

In the 1980s, doc martens had political significance. For example: white supremacists wore white shoelaces. This code is generally practiced by people from alternative communities (punk, goth, etc.). It usually applies to black boots, doc martens to be precise. Now, what do the different colors mean?

Black is the only color that is 100% safe to use. The rest depends a lot on the areas you frequent.
White thongs are worn by fascists, far-right nazis or skinheads. The white color symbolizes the white race. White laces also associate their owner with the murder of an anti-fascist, although this is often far from the case.
It is commonly believed that red laces are worn by anti-fascists or SHARP skinheads. They are also associated with Nazi ideology.

Second wave punks or so-called "renaissance punks" wear green laces. In St. Petersburg, separate anti-fascist brigades also wear green laces. Rappers once wore orange laces in Grinders. However, the heavy shoe fashion in this subculture did not last long. ACAB hooligans and HC punks may wear yellow laces over tall boots. It should thus be noted that yellow laces are frequently supplied with Dr. Martens boots. Because they look harmonious with yellow shoelaces, which can cause misunderstandings. Non-racist skinheads have adopted yellow shoelaces as a visible symbol to recall their ideology.
Neofascists insert brown shoelaces into boots as a sign of sharing the ideas of the NSDAP party.
The color blue has two meanings. First, ACAB (all cops are bastards). Second, that you literally killed a policeman.

Fashion tips for shoelaces

Lacing up a pair of boots is more than just keeping them tidy and in place. It is indeed a unique opportunity to personalize them. Here are four ways to lace up your docs:
Cross lacing: This is versatile lacing with a versatile finishing touch. When the boots are new, leave the top two eyelets on and appreciate the extra room the first few times you wear them.
The strong military lacing: With tall boots, lacing is a must-have that can withstand everything. Ideal if the boots are a little loose.
Straight or bar lacing: this is a longer lace with additional character. If you can easily tighten the doc martens laces once you are done. Simply pull the side of each bar. If you have some length left, try wrapping the laces around the collar of the boot.
Butterfly lacing: This is a looser style with a unique pattern. This minimal lacing will leave you about 1/3 more. It is perfect for short switchbacks.

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