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Round and thick laces

The thick roundlace, mixed by definition, the all-rounder! As well for dress shoes, for sneakers as on Doc Martens. or Timberland. The perfect tool for customising all your favourite shoes etc...

Ultra strong round laces for all types of footwear

Our range of thick round laces are perfectly suited for boots like Dr Martens or Timberland. We offer laces up to 180 cm, so you'll have no problem tying your high boots.

The thick round laces are also suitable for hiking shoes. Their great resistance from recycled materials (a good gesture for the planet ;)) allows them to keep their youthfulness despite the rain or long walks.

They are also suitable for hike shoes.

What size lace should I use for my shoes?

We have four sizes of thick round laces available. Measure your old pair of laces to check the size. For shoes with 10 eyelets, we recommend pairs of 90 cm. For 12 eyelets count 120 cm and finally if your high shoes have at least 20 eyelets, we recommend 180 cm laces.


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