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Green laces

The green lace goes just as well on colored shoes as on white sneakers. The green laces will also adapt perfectly to certain city shoes.

The enthronement of the color green in clothing remains a bold technique in the world of fashion. Indeed, if you manage to find the right balance in terms of colors, green promises both freshness and originality to your looks. But did you know that it is also possible to wear the color on the shoes? To do this, you can use green laces whose role goes beyond a simple accessory that keeps the feet attached to the soles. They are also useful for adding charm to your look.

What are the different types of green shoelaces?

Like the soles, you will find a multitude of green laces on the market. Each of its models will be differentiated by their shape and characteristics. But be aware that there are also points of resemblance such as the materials of manufacture. In fact, laces manufacturers mainly use two materials, namely cotton and polyester. Note that these can be mixed.

On the shape side, you will mainly see thin laces, round and flat laces. It should be mentioned that round laces exist in two variants. There are waxed laces and thin round laces. Similarly, flat laces are also visible with extra-wide models.

Thin laces are the most common on the market. They have round shapes and are generally made from braided cotton. With a medium diameter, they are suitable for dress shoes. You can also use the cord on canvas shoes.

Round laces are presented with thin diameters. They are equipped with metal or plastic tips that serve to guide the cords inside the eyelets. These tips compress the fabrics to prevent them from fraying when entering and touching the edges of the eyelets. Finally, the flat laces are recognizable with their flattened surfaces.

What types of laces for shoes?

Round laces (thin and waxed) are suitable for dress shoes or boots. For your information, the two cords have differences in their appearance, because the waxed laces have been covered with a film of resin. This makes the accessory shiny unlike thin round laces.

Flat green laces are recommended when you have sneakers. Generally, they are of standard size (8 mm). But there are also models with substantial widths. However, be aware that because of their wide shapes, they are not suitable for all shoe models. They are, for example, suitable for skateboard shoes.

Although round and flat laces were the main models on the market, other specimens are available and show originality. This is for example the case of elastic green shoelaces. They are equipped with an innovative closing system. Here, the knots are replaced using a tightening system. You can use these kinds of shoelaces on athletic shoes. They are responsible for two missions. On the one hand, they hold the feet tight inside the shoes. And on the other hand, they will ease the pressure.

Why change laces?

A yaw change serves many purposes. First of all, the maneuver aims to bring comfort to the feet. By changing the classic laces with elastic green laces, you could in particular avoid lowering yourself on the public road to tie your shoes after the detachment of the knots.

And sometimes, changing the shoelace is a must after the old shoelace has deteriorated. You will also know that by changing the color of your laces, you bring a new look at a lower cost. The choice of the color green is not trivial for people who love nature. Moreover, it symbolizes hope. In the fashion sector, green is far from being a basic color like black or beige. The reason is that it attracts attention. This is the reason to put green on the shoes so that you can avoid the flashy effect that could remain on your outfits.

The use of green laces is recommended for summer or spring. This is explained by the fact that its two seasons invite escape and contact with the forest. To use green, you have the possibility of exploiting different variations of the color such as mint green or pistachio green. However, if you intend to remain discreet, do not hesitate to play on other shades such as bottle green or grass green.

How should green be associated?

The laces should match the colors of your shoe. To this end, before finding green laces, you must therefore rely on the chromatic circles. For example, blue and green go together for the simple reason that they are close based on the color circles. That's why these colors will be in harmony on your feet.

The green laces can still be combined with shoes and pants in gray or pink. The use of three different colors is not recommended on shoes, laces and pants, because you could harm your look. You should ideally play on a maximum of two colorings.

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