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What if I'm not happy with my order ?

We work as a team, precise and strategic like Ole Gunnar Solskhjaer; quick and efficient like David de Gea! In other words, Laceter does not let anything pass and we always achieve our goals.

If it happens, what I mean to say is, if ever it happens, a defective product slips through our fingers.... We will whip the responsible person with the laces!

You never know but if you notice a lace with a manufacturing defect, contact our customer service department as soon as soon as possible and take a picture.

If it happens to be a problem with the size, unfortunately, we cannot take back the laces if you’ve ordered the wrong size. We have developed a tool to help you with lenght but the best way to be sure is to measure your old laces. Come on! Let’s get measuring!

I would like to order in large quantities, can you enlighten me on the subject ?

And you waited to read the FAQ, for that? We love your enthusiasm, let's go!, 09 51 19 97 77. We are waiting for you!

If I want a colour that you don't have in stock ? May I suggest you create it ?

Of course! As we already said, your opinions and ideas will be welcomed and examined with the greatest attention, as we have much to learn from you too.

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Who are your suppliers ?

Oh! Very good question. You are hard to please when it comes to your laces!? We are too. We take the highest care to select our suppliers, and among the suppliers their best products.

Then, we test them for you, much like the tasters of queens and kings.
Our suppliers are all recognized professionals in the shoelace industry.
French and European.

Are your laces sold in pairs or individually ?

Do you buy shoes in single units? No, of course not. Our laces on the Laceter site are sold in pairs (such as a pair of scissors, hands, arms or legs).

Do you ship to other countries ? Which ones ? And what are the delays in this case ?

We can deliver our laces in the United Kingdom and all over the world, for that we use a powerful and efficient service: The post office!
The laces are sent by regular mail.. Because mail is good.
For delivery, allow between 5 and 11 days for the regular mail delivery.
Not enough information for you? You need to know more? When it comes to business, you are tough and demanding, we know it and we like it. You have, therefore, the possibility to contact our customer service by email or by phone at +33(0) 9 51 19 97 77

Is it possible to receive more information by e-mail on the latest news and offers from Laceter ?

We are so glad you asked! Sign up for the newsletter, and receive information about our new products, flagship trends, what's on our radar and offers of the moment. Laceter's blog, Instagram, Facebook page and Twitter accounts are also updated regularly. Our ambition is to dominate the world ... errr the world of laces of course.

Is it possible to unsubscribe from Laceter's newsletter ?

You want to get out of the Lace Matrix ? You will be doing so at your own risk: we will miss you. Otherwise, there is no problem to unsubscribe from the newsletter, just click on the link at the bottom of your last email, but come back soon, eh ?

How is an order placed on Laceter ? And how do you know if it is well taken into account ?

You have entered the wonderful world of laces; stroll as much as you want on the site. When you're done, because your time is precious, choose your laces: their shape, their colour and then the perfect size for you. Add them to your shopping cart (like a teenager on boxing day) then validate.
These are the steps to order, we will be serious this time:
-Confirm your order by clicking on "place my order ".
- Enter your billing and shipping details.
-Check the summary of your order, and then click on the payment method of your choice to pay for your purchases.
- You will be redirected to a secure site. Of course, we will send you an email order confirmation, (it goes without saying)!
- And an added bonus, you will enjoy all of our affection and kindness.

I saw a pair of laces marked

No need to worry, this won't happen with Laceter, but in the event that it does happen, it will be over in the blink of an eye, because we are doing our utmost to keep our stocks overflowing!
Whatever happens, you can contact us, and we will give you the estimated date of arrival as accurate as possible. And we promise, you will have the first shippment. The internet is amazing!

Are payments secure on the Laceter website ?

Yes, our digital bodyguard worked with Sarah Connor, when you pay by credit card, at the end of your order you must indicate all your credit card details.
Your data is always encrypted on the web. Laceter confirms that we do NOT keep your bank details. In order for your online payments to be secure, Laceter website uses the secure payment services of Société Générale.

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