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Red laces

A red lace to stand out? Often used for high shoes, red laces can be worn on all types of shoes, sneakers, leather dress shoes or ankle boots.

What are the different types of red laces?

Red shoelaces exist in four main categories, of which cords are the most common models on the market. They are made from braided cotton. The accessory is suitable for most shoes since its diameter displays a normal size. In this sense, they will be suitable for both dress shoes and your canvas shoes.

Thin round shoelaces come in small diameters. They will be suitable for dress shoes as well as boots. They are commercially available in two versions. There are brilliant prototypes. This shine is taken from their resin coated covers. In this specific case, we are talking about waxed round laces. The other commercially available variant does not have this resin layer.

Flat laces are flared and show a flat surface. They are sold in the standard version (8 mm) to ensure that the accessory can easily thread through the eyelets of all shoes. It is for this reason that the tips are made of metal or plastic.
Flat laces are made from cotton. But, the red lace is not only made of cotton, because you will also encounter laces made of synthetic material. They offer excellent resistance to rain and washing.

What colors are compatible with red laces?

Thanks to a shoe with red laces, you will have a trendy look. However, there are a few rules you should follow to avoid damaging your appearance. With this in mind, you will avoid grouping three colors simultaneously on your feet. Here, for example, you could wear a blue shoe with a green sole and red cords. In this configuration, you are making a bad choice. On the other hand, you can integrate the red lace on a shoe in solid colors.

In the same vein of colors, be aware that some colors cannot be combined. This is particularly the case when red is mixed with pink. Green and red don't mix well either.
According to this information, red laces can be used on sports shoes and dress shoes. On the other hand, they will have to be in harmony with the color of the shoe to avoid spoiling the chic side. They are suitable, among other things, for blue and brown shoes.

The other thing to know is that a colored shoelace could suggest that you belong to a group. Also, you will know that red has a special meaning. It reflects self-confidence and indicates strength.

What are the occasions for wearing red shoelaces?

The opportunities to put a red lace on your shoes are plentiful. Whether at Christmas or on a birthday, it will bring originality. But, you are surely wondering the reason to wear red at Christmas. To answer you, it is a tradition rooted in the minds of man, but the origin of the culture is still unclear despite the presence of various theories on the subject.

According to these theorists, this stems from the fact that red pigmentation was the only one available in medieval times. Other historians affirm a symbolic aspect by evoking that red symbolizes the blood of Christ. Either way, you could easily blend in with your surroundings by wearing red during Advent and Christmas.

As an emblem of love, red is also recommended for birthdays. It will affirm the friendship that remains between the owner of the birthday party and his guests. You will know all the more that the color diffuses the joy of living and the dynamism. It is therefore suitable when you have low morale. In addition, red is considered the color of seduction. For the stain, it can be combined with quarter note.

Why give shoelaces as a gift?

The red lace is ideal for highlighting the feet. Moreover, since red is a bright color, you could then project a singular look out of the ordinary. Indeed, the shoes will quickly be noticed and you will be seen as a precursor to a new fashion style. The reason is that the general public is used to seeing traditional and sober colors.

Since a shoelace can complete your dress look, it is therefore possible to offer the item as a gift for men, women and children.
However, if you want to give shoelaces to your loved ones, a few rules must be observed so that the accessory is in harmony with the clothing style of the recipient.

In this sense, it is advisable to take into consideration the look of the person. If she often wore sneakers and trainers, flat and thick shoelaces will be the best option. It should be noted that the recipients can undo the laces to give a street touch.
For their part, an athlete should receive flat and thin laces so that they can go to a gym. This type of profile can also wear the accessory on leisure shoes such as tennis shoes. You should even know that he even has the possibility of playing on the lacing techniques to accentuate his look.

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