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How about changing the laces on your Stan Smiths?

Personalizing your Stan Smiths with colored laces: the idea of ​​the moment

It is the safe bet in your wardrobe. Wearing absolutely everything, the pair of Stan Smith accompanies you on a daily basis in your outings in town or your evenings with friends. It can even be worn at work if you're lucky enough to have a modern, open-minded boss. The only small downside to these very popular sneakers is precisely their versatile side which makes them a fashion accessory that can sometimes lack originality. A good way to stand out is to add a colored lace to them to take care of your look. By intelligently matching your outfit and your style, this detail will make all the difference. Here is the range of choices available to you to sublimate the legendary Adidas shoes that the whole world approves of.

Choose the right lace shape

Before we look at which colors to use to achieve your initial goal, let's take a look at the appearance of your future laces. To stay true to the Stan Smith spirit, it will be better to turn to flat models like those present on the original shoe. This conservative option has an understated side that will make the customization of your sneakers less flashy. A subtle change effectively preventing you from falling into the fault of taste. For those who love boldness and innovation, rounded shapes will change your style more intensely while giving you a truly unique appearance. Regarding the size, if you like to wear your shoes loose, turn to something short around three feet. Otherwise, the standard dimensions for this particular model are rather between 120 and 150 cm. It all depends on your shoe size. Visit our page allowing you to test our laces on the stan smith . These few indications will allow you not to go wrong if you decide to order online. Regardless, most articles of this type display this information in detail on their fact sheets.

Affirm your identity

By creating this model so named in honor of a famous American tennis player of the 1970s, the Adidas brand wanted to invent a resolutely universal pair of sneakers. Adapted to girls and boys, but also to all generations, this strategy has made this product a must have all over the world. A phenomenal commercial success that did not take long to soar. In this context, modifying the laces is proving to be an excellent technique to counter the uniformity of this popular creation and to emphasize your own personality. Adding white or pink to your sneakers, for example, will bring out your femininity. Pairing them with a summer dress will immediately become much more charming if you plan to go for a trip with friends by the sea. Very simply transform the Stan Smith into a feminine accessory first-rate thanks to this light but truly defining makeover.

Proudly display your character with colored laces

The colored laces have the advantage of giving those who wear them a well-defined character. The white or black that Adidas has selected for its in-store pairs reveal nothing in particular about shoppers' preferences. Conversely, flashier tones have the immediate effect of notifying a certain eccentricity and an enthusiastic spirit in the person who selects them. Hot and cold variants also have this power to show others at first sight what is hidden under the shell of the stranger they come across. Beyond this identifying effect, the variety of colors is perfect for fashion lovers who want to harmonize their different outfits. Unlimited combinations for a worked look. By providing yourself with several colors, customizing your sneakers will become a mandatory ritual when getting ready to go out.

Do you like the original style of the Stan Smiths, you don't want to distort it, but the idea of shaping them to your image interests you? Note that you have the option of buying very classic plain laces with colored tips. This alternative is ideal to be able to identify with your pair of sneakers without having to change them in depth. As you can see, the catalog for this area is extremely large. There is something for all tastes and desires. If you haven't taken the plunge yet, feel free to experiment with different combinations to find the ones that suit you best. Let your creativity run free to continue wearing your favorite sneakers while changing your style as regularly as you want.