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Dare to wear new laces for your Nike Air Jordan 1

The Nike Air Jordan 1 imposed its colors on the NBA fields. A true merchandising pro, Nike, who represented Michael Jordan, had the brilliant idea of ​​making them the benchmark for these extraordinary sports shoes. Every time MJ showed up on the floor to play, the comments were heard. At the start of the matches, we talked as much about his colorful sneakers as about his game. President Obama himself, a basketball enthusiast, and himself former university player, gave him the presidential medal of freedom on November 22, 2016.

Sponsors, magazines, images, communication… MJ is not only the best basketball player in the world, he is also the sportsman who will make his fortune with the biggest known brands, not only in the United States, but in the whole world. All are tearing it off! Coca-Cola, Mc Donald, Chevrolet, Coach Leather Products, Nike, and many more… STOP! The list is too long. Now we come to our main topic.

Customize your Air Jordan with super-cool laces!

Flat or round laces , the choice is hard! We would certainly like to offer you triangular models! Either way, if your pair of Nike had round designs, there's nothing stopping you from wearing them out. The problem is just to pay attention to the length according to the number of holes which corresponds to the height of the famous basketball shoe - are you okay, I'm not tangling your neurons too much?

To be clear (I'm not talking about colors yet, for now) you should know that the Air Jordan from 1 to 8 is fixed with flat laces, originally , but nothing is holding you back from choosing to put round ones. Those of the Air Jordan 9 to 23 are round, and therefore the opposite is also possible. But I repeat: pay attention to the lengths of the models according to the number of holes…

For the tall models and the Air J one, if you put on below 41 the laces must be 150 cm, if you really want to tie them to the top, which is less often done with young people… I understand that with studies and classes, you are forced to run, and you do not have time to tie your shoes to the end, or we stay in “no laced introduced in this sneaker” mode. For fans of shorter lacing but still well laced, 120 cm models should do the trick.

For feet with a shoe size starting at 42, 150cm laces, if you have time to bring them up to the top of the Air, or 120cm, for savings. Under size 41, for low-top sneakers, 120 cm should do the trick.

Colors galore!

You can't even imagine the number of colors and styles the Air Jordans have to offer. Some models have inscriptions such as "who said man was not meant to fly". Personally, for sneakers called AIR, I don't see what is extraordinary about flying ... Anyway! We all know now that Michael Jordan was a superhero!

Another model that throws it is the "elephant skin", with streaks that imitate the skin of this animal which does not fool anyone… 3 cool colors for this model: red with black streaks, blue with black streaks, and the cement color, with the streaks, this model really resembles the skin of the mastodon ... It is true that when you start to see blue or red elephants, it is really time to do something ...

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