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Elastic laces

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Elastic lace: what does it really offer?

If you're an athlete or a school kid, you're probably annoyed every time your shoelaces come undone. You have to stop, bend and retie them. Irritated as you are, you can't ignore the problem because an undone shoelace is not safe because you can trip over it and seriously injure yourself. Shoe laces are such that even if you tie them perfectly, they will come undone at least twice. In order to remedy this problem, many athletes have started using elastic shoelaces. These laces are flexible and therefore facilitate putting on and taking off.

What are elastic laces for?

Laces or bungee cords are used for many purposes, primarily to make the process of putting on your shoes easier and faster. So you don't have to worry about them coming undone at any time. However, less obvious uses can also be found, such as holding up pants and skirts.

What types of elastic laces are there?

When it comes to choosing elastic shoelaces that best suit your needs, you can distinguish between 2 general types based on their shape.

Flat elastic lace

These laces are characterized by a smooth surface. Designed to achieve the best ratio between functionality and weight, these are the most expensive bungee cords. They are specially designed to meet the demands of top athletes. This type of elastic cords adapts very well to the instep. This allows the user to run with greater support and greater safety, without losing benefits such as elasticity, mobility, and above all good ventilation of the foot to avoid problems such as mycosis.

Round elastic lace

They feature ridges so they have a tubular design and stand out in the shoe's relief. This type of elastic cords is intended for a different type of public. They are designed to be used by children, people with motor, psychological or psychic disabilities, or for elegant dress shoes. They fulfill their function of holding the foot, allow a simple and easy adjustment without losing their aesthetic appearance.

In addition to the different shapes, there are also two models of elastic cords available on the current market: shoelaces made of artificial polymers and shoelaces made of natural materials. The choice will depend on both your tastes and the comfort they provide once placed in the shoe.

What makes a good elastic shoelace?

Elastic shoelaces should be made of high quality material, offer more flexibility and be durable. Therefore, the best elastic cord is one that can return to its original length after being stretched for a long time and does not lose its shape.

Besides, it should have good tensile strength, so it won't break easily when you pull it tight or tie knots. This point is essential if you practice significant physical activity or extreme sports.

What are the advantages of elastic cords?

If you are considering using bungee cords, you need to consider the benefits they provide. Here are the main ones:

  • Easy to use: just pull the lace through the shoe and clip the ends into the loop.
  • Practical: you won't have the typical problem of normal shoelaces tied with a knot coming undone on the first change.
  • Gorgeous design: you will see that they attract the attention of people around you, because they are very eye-catching and fashionable.
  • Time-saving: By using these elastic cords, you don't waste time tying the shoelaces.
  • Comfortable: you won't have to suffer from the excesses of the bun on the sides, which tend to come undone and cause falls.

Choosing an elastic lace: what to consider?


Choosing a bungee cord should depend on its intended use. If you are looking for a product that is durable and will be used frequently, it is important to consider purchasing a product made with high quality materials. On the other hand, if you need something that you will only need sporadically or even once, there are many options to meet your needs, such as disposables.


Bungee cords should be made of high quality materials. In fact, you don't want to play sports and have your shoelaces cut because they can't withstand the strain. For this reason, some laces are equipped with very resistant stainless steel springs, or you can opt for those made of polyester.


There are many designs you can choose from. In fact, these models each have their own pros and cons, so you can decide based on your personal preferences.


In order to ensure adequate attachment to the shoe, it is imperative to ensure that the length of the lace is adapted to the size of the shoe. Currently, several lengths are proposed, which facilitates the adaptation of the special laces to all kinds of shoes. In addition, some cords can be reduced to allow a better fit and therefore a better grip.


Unlike classic shoelaces which usually only come in black, grey, white or brown, the variety of colors of elastic cords is more than vast. The color can be combined perfectly with the design of the shoe to make it a real eye-catcher.

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