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Find laces for his Stan Smiths

Unmissable. This is how one could describe the Stan Smith, a pair of sneakers made by adidas. Each of us has at least one in our closet, no matter how old we are. Lightweight, comfortable and aesthetic, they adapt easily to casual outfits. These shoes have now become essential accessories. If you want to stand out from other stan smith owners, you can always customize them by changing the laces to your liking. This pair is indeed a real fashion accessory. It would be a shame not to reveal its full potential by granting it to your desires of the moment.


Pimping out your Stan Smiths is above all about having fun! You can often want a change to go with your outfits. In this case, there is no need to look any further or change the model of the pair: alternating different laces for your adidas allows you to match your shoes with your desires, your humor of the day, or your clothes. It is indeed possible to wear them attached or undone, to add a street or casual side to your outfit. What's more, it's also a way to showcase your style and give your look a more polished touch.


They are originally flat and plain. Usually, they are also white or black, depending on the color of your sneakers. If you want to keep the more traditional side of these adidas shoes, you can just alternate the colors of the dishes. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more original to complete your day-to-day look, you can indulge yourself with circles, which bring more originality and fun to the famous pair. You bring a touch of your personality to your sneakers: you can also have fun with unique combinations that will impose your style.


Personalization is important, but comfort and practicality shouldn't be neglected. To have a good style is cool, but if it is to trip every 10 meters… You have to be able to walk or run with ease with sneakers, and if they match your personality, even better, of course. . For small sizes, going up to 38/39, it is better to choose 115 cm to be able to tie them. If you want to wear them undone, opt for 90 cm instead. For large sizes, larger than 39, it is better to choose items of 137 cm to wear them tied, and of 116 cm to wear them undone.


Whites and blacks are versatile and easily adapt to any outfit. They're a safe bet to pair with that pair of sneakers, but a little whimsy doesn't hurt - especially if you're the type to wear lots of colors in your everyday looks. You can quickly get bored of black and white. Good news: these two colors are not the only ones available to dress up your sneakers. If you want to add femininity to your look, and a touch of lightness, you can choose the round ones, white and gold, and with gold-colored tips: their refined appearance can easily adapt to the chosen outfit, especially more if you have opted for light or pastel colors. Moreover, if you want to make a discreet reminder of the color of your clothes, there are also flat laces, with colored tips: green, red, blue and black. This will give you the impression that you have worked your appearance down to the tips of your little feet. Do not hesitate to alternate the dishes and the circles to diversify your outfits. And There you go ! Now you are all set to walk the streets, go to class or work with a safe choice, but above all a style that is uniquely yours.