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Nike shoe laces : how to choose them ?

A good lacing is not only to look pretty, it also plays a decisive role in your well-being. They keep your shoe in place, and give you better comfort while wearing it. Only there may be times when you need to change them for one reason or another. When you have to choose them, it's not easy, because they have to match perfectly with your sneakers. Here are some tips on how to easily find Nike shoe laces.


Shoe ties are like a trademark, and like all the big names, Nike has its own style. Each brand is different, and has its own peculiarities. There are even unique models, which require specific accessories. You cannot buy the first item you find on the internet, a few points must be checked beforehand.

The most important selection criterion is obviously the model of shoe to be accessorized. The majority of Nike shoes are equipped with flat fasteners, but today we meet more and more round models. It is obvious that we will not choose the same accessories for a Cortez and sports sneakers like the VaporMax.


There are countless categories of laces on the market, and they are generally categorized by the type of shoe they accompany. Here, we will identify 2 main families, which are most often found on the markets: round and flat models.

Round models are very often related to town shoes, such as moccasins. They come in two types:

The waxed circles: these are shiny, because they are covered with a thin layer of resin. This allows them to be stronger and last longer.
Thin circles: very thin, they adapt very well to town shoes or boots.
Flat cords are essential for sneakers. Their width may differ depending on the type of shoe. Their end is very often plastic, but they can also be made of metal.


When it comes to raw materials, you will be spoiled for choice: cotton, nylon, polypropylene, etc. These small accessories are designed in specialized factories, using a braiding process. The machines are equipped with a technology allowing to choose the color of the thread, the materials used, the design and the finishes.

Today, aiguillettes (the end of the cord) are mostly made with plastic.


When changing laces, the question of color is in many cases a real dilemma. Finding fasteners similar to the original ones or trying something new? Even if you decide to change, it's not always easy. There are so many colors out there, you'll be hard pressed to find the one that best suits your pair of sneakers.

Black and white are classics and sure values. If you like sobriety and the discreet side, prefer black instead. White has the advantage of being a “master key”. Whether your sneakers are red, blue, purple or even yellow, this color will perfectly blend in with your style.

Dare to be eccentric and bring color to your sneakers! Flashy and pastel tones are also very fashionable now, so why not take advantage of them? If you love to catch the eye, with colorful laces you are sure to never go unnoticed again. However, be careful not to create a mix of colors that don't go well together. Colorful shoes should spice up your outfit, not make you look like a clown!


Another very important point that is too often overlooked: length. There is nothing more annoying than having two laces that are not the same size. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also impact the maintenance of your shoe.

In order not to make a mistake when buying accessories, it is imperative to measure the length of the original ones. In the event that you no longer have them at hand, refer to the number of eyelets on your basket. These will be decisive in finding the ideal length.

To help you see more clearly, you can take inspiration from these few estimates:

2 eyelets: 45 cm
3-4 eyelets: 60 to 70 cm
5 eyelets: 90 cm
6-7 eyelets: 115 cm
8 eyelets: 137 cm
9-10 eyelets: 152 to 183 cm
Please note that this information is only indicative, and the perfect length will depend on each shoe model.