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This summer, dare to wear colored laces!

It's time to go out, to flee the cold and the grayness of winter. It's time to ditch sober and discreet clothes for more cheerful outfits.
The laces will allow you to personalize your outfits and bring the touch of fantasy or madness essential for summer . Indeed, in summer, everything is allowed in terms of clothing. So this summer, go for the original lace!

There are plenty of laces to brighten up your shoes and outfits. Do not hesitate to change it according to your mood and your clothes. Your shoes will also be happy to have company.

Go for color and good humor

A colorful outfit will immediately make you look like a dynamic, cheerful person. This remark is valid for clothing but also for shoes. You will see, soon, the lace will become a hyper fashionable accessory that will make the difference. In real stores or on online sites, laces are available in a large number of models, each one crazier than the next. You will easily find pieces of all colors. This summer, choose them in blue, orange, green, yellow, pink, if possible in bright or even fluorescent hues.

You can match your clothes, your jewelry, your summer accessories (hat, cap, pair of glasses) with your laces . Choose multicolored models for more fun. There are also models with a different colored tip. The tie and dye lace, all in gradient colors, is very elegant and can be worn with chic on flat sneakers. The double-sided pair will also have its effect.

Tips for even more craziness in shoes

If you buy accessories, you might as well see them, so show your shoes, wear them so that they are most visible. It is necessary to privilege the shorts, the skirts or the dresses. Long pants or skirts which conceal the shoes should be excluded. Personalize your shoes even more by adjusting the size and the lace patterns. Play with the thickness, width or length of the laces. Extra large models are designed to stand out from the crowd. Opt for patterned models. You will find the lace printed with rather wise classic patterns: leaves, flowers, polka dots, hearts, animals or more crazy and scary: snakes, skulls. There are an infinite number of patterns. There is something for all ages and for all tastes: chic, rock, babacool, urban, skate or unicorn fans, ...

Depending on your passions, your job, you will inevitably find a pair of laces to personalize your shoes in your image. If you are traveling and going abroad, lace your shoes with the pair of French, American or English flag laces. The Brazilian lace is ideal if you are going by the ocean. It will wreak havoc on the sand. The bandana lace or the camouflage lace are among the most common models. As for the sequined lace, it is a must have for parties and festivals. And the best of the best, for regulars at nightclubs or parties: the fluorescent lace visible at night. Flashy in color, pink blue yellow or orange, the lace can be seen in the dark. It will turn the heads of those who dance with you.

Change your lacing method

Already, you should always prefer the long lace, it is more visible. Change your lacing method, favor the one where your accessories will show up the most. Try original methods that will only be seen at your feet. There are several ways to lace up. Take advantage of the summer to train. One method is to make two loops, one in the middle of the shoe, the other at the top. Another grid method covers a large part of the shoe on the front and will highlight your laces. Plus, your feet will be eye-catching. Passers-by may stop you to ask for advice.

Try the lace accessories

It's summer, you have time to try out lots of new accessories for your shoes. Try on the lace accessories. You will first find lace locks to avoid redoing the lacing. They are available in all colors. Very inexpensive, you can get several models of it, please do not hesitate. Choose lace locks in the same color as your shoelace or shoe or, on the contrary, opt for an opposite color.

Then, lace jewelry is more and more present on shoes. Real little jewels, they are fixed on the lace. Multiply them on your shoe. Girls will love them. In the shape of a bar, rings, with (fake) precious stones, pearls, very shiny, they are ultra feminine.

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